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Tom Junod

Tom had 40 years of experience in the field of centrifugal separation. His experience base ranged from his early efforts in fuel oil applications, with emphasis on marketing and sales in the maritime industries. This expanded into many other areas of separation technology, namely those of food and beverage, waste water, etc.

As a result, he had a comprehensive knowledge of the machinery, processes, and applications of separation technology in industry.

Over his career, Tom lent his considerable talents to the formation and operation of several companies; addressing new equipment sales, reconditioned/re-manufactured centrifuges, maintenance/repair, and service requirements of centrifugal separators.

Tom was committed to expanding the portfolio of manufacturers and services that TJ & Dawson currently represents, offering more product options to our customers, while maintaining a high standard of service.


Damon Goodwin

Damon has 20 years of experience in the winery, food production, and olive oil industries, both in a process and mechanical capacity. His career is marked by service with Associated Vintage Group, Conetech, GEA Westfalia Separator, Centrifuges Inc, Separation Technology Systems, and DG Mechanical (an independent mechanical services venture).

His years as a trained service technician with GEA Westfalia afforded him experience encompassing a wide range of centrifugal machinery, as well as specialized knowledge of processes and applications, including fruit processing, beverage production, dairy, waste-water, consumable and non-consumable oils, pharmacological, etc.

Through his subsequent service work with affiliated centrifuge service organizations and sales representation of winery equipment parts and service, he's able to impart his process knowledge while expanding his network of professional contacts and satisfied customers.

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